How to Train for a Mud Run

Are you considering taking on the challenge of a Mud Run? These popular races are held all over the country with a variety of tasks and distances. They can range from 3.1 miles (5 kilometers) to over 12 miles. The difference from a traditional race is that you do not just run when you compete.... Continue Reading →

Setting Marathon Training Goals

Running a marathon is a really big goal. Marathons are one of the toughest tests of your mental and physical abilities. In fact, just the thought of preparing for a marathon can be daunting. How do you go about conquering 26.2 miles? I ran my first marathon by myself. I trained alone for most of... Continue Reading →

Don’t forget to hydrate!

Do you ever feel thirsty in the middle of your day, but right after you just have something else in your mind and forget about it? One of the main obstacles to keeping ourselves hydrated is that in some cases we don’t pay much attention to our body’s request for water. It can be misleading,... Continue Reading →

Learn from All

"All I know is that I know nothing"  - Socrates The virtuous life is a life of wisdom, attributed to that wise man Socrates who lived two millennium ago. We are victims of our ego, our self-esteem and an inner burning feeling of self-grandeur. Overcoming these deeply ingrained "neural pre-programmed" circuits is crucial to the... Continue Reading →

Create Randomness

Many a times success comes through the path of chance encounters. Call it serendipity; stumbling on the next great business idea, finding that new super talent, getting the next big career break, finding your better half ….. the spark is around you. Darwin learned of natural selection by reading Malthus. Steve Jobs discovered the computer... Continue Reading →

CrossFit Starter Goals

Crossfit is a superb way to build stamina and strength. With its mix of interval and strength training ..  we get  full regimen of heart pumping vascular  exercises with weight pounding muscle building courses.  As a beginner at Crossfit I decided to improve my Baseline routine of 500m rows, 20 air squats, 20 push-ups, 20... Continue Reading →

My Triathlon Makeover

I have always wondered at the prowess - stamina, energy, drive of that mythical Triathlon athlete. Two year ago, a friend of mine from early work days - a studious, short, slim funny guy reconnected on Facebook and totally took me by surprise. He just completed a triathlon event. Wow !!!. That was a wake... Continue Reading →

Summer For a Working Mom

Summer, the most fun and exciting time of the year. A long bucket list of fun filled activities planned, Late night stay over with friends, getting up late, watching summer movies and playing video games. Trips to museums, amusement parks and long road trips. Definition of exciting summer vacation changes as soon as one becomes... Continue Reading →

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