CrossFit Starter Goals

Crossfit is a superb way to build stamina and strength. With its mix of interval and strength training ..  we get  full regimen of heart pumping vascular  exercises with weight pounding muscle building courses.  As a beginner at Crossfit I decided to improve my Baseline routine of 500m rows, 20 air squats, 20 push-ups, 20 sit-ups. The baseline is timed to finish within 15 minutes. We all compete on getting the highest repetition. When I started out I could barely manage finish 1.5 repetition of the baseline within the allocated 15 minutes. This was totally embarrassing !! My work colleagues were on average crossing 2.5 repetitions. To challenge myself, I decided to do better. Using AchieveOn as a Goal builder, Tracking and Goal Collaboration application, I decided to improve my workout with a target to finish 3.0 repetition within the stipulated interval. Now, I was on a mission to beat my colleagues handsomely. I created a Goal called “Crossfit 3X Baseline Workout” and set myself a due date to improve within 2 months. To help in rowing where I was the weakest,  I created a sub-goal in AchieveOn to have a new target time of  2.5 minutes instead of my over 4.0 minutes. I created additional sub-goals for squats, push-ups and sit-ups, where I decided to increase the reps from 20 to 25, to make my me go faster and easier when doing the 20 reps. After I logged my goals and sub-goals in AchieveOn, I started monitoring the progress through their easy to use Progress Charts. I also invited my colleagues into my Goal as Supporters (AchieveOn allows you to add collaborators and Supporters to your goals). This gave an extra spice to my personal challenge. They could see how I was progressing and that forced me to keep working harder towards my goal. In the process my colleagues also beefed up their routine, especially as they saw me catching up to them. All said and done, in the end I made by goal just passing the due date (hush keep that a secret). I kept thinking to myself that without the AchieveOn’s Goal creation, Goal tracking and friends collaboration features, this would have been another one of those missed goals… but thanks to this well thought out application, I passed my challenge and my fitness targets.

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