My Triathlon Makeover

I have always wondered at the prowess – stamina, energy, drive of that mythical Triathlon athlete. Two year ago, a friend of mine from early work days – a studious, short, slim funny guy reconnected on Facebook and totally took me by surprise. He just completed a triathlon event. Wow !!!. That was a wake up moment. If this friend of mine had done it how can I be left behind. I admit i was  envious and furious at myself, I cannot run a mile without taking a break. Something has to be done about. I decided to take action to better my fitness. I searched everything about Triathlon distances, varieties and local meets. I found out Sprint Triathlon is half  the version of the full meet. Finally,  I set a Goal for myself to participate in Sprint Triathlon within 18 months. That is upping my game to run 3 miles, 12 miles bike and 750m swim. I started created weekly goals, every other week should be better than the last one. I created goals for running, biking and swimming. All in a google spreadsheet. But tracking was unpleasant using a spreadsheet. I wished if I had a Goal tracking application that i could use to track my progress. I further wanted to invite my family and friends to work with me and to cheer me up. Recently, I discovered AchieveOn, a Goal Collaboration and Tracking Application to make goals successful. I have now transferred all my fitness and other goals to AchieveOn. AchieveOn Goals are dynamic, it allows me to take notes, invites friends, collaborate with fitness partners, and then track everything in easy to follow manner until its completion. Wow … that is success.

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